Sex Doesn’t Sell

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I’m getting bored with all the chatter (especially my own) about whether or not pole dance is becoming “sanitized.” Not because people are saying boring things- most pole dancers believe that pole can have be …

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Stage Hands!

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For the last showcase, instead of performing or reporting, I got the chance to be one of the stage hands. It was stressful because I wanted to make sure everything was done right for all …

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For no reason…

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The Creation of Adam, pole style

I will be posting about the First Annual Colorado Pole Championship (including lots of substandard photos and video of superb dancers) soon. In the meantime, this photo of …

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Perfect Pole Day

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Here is my ultimate pole dance day (when I’m not in school my days can actually look like this! It’s happened before!) You can read about other people’s pole days by clicking here.

Wake up, …

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