Partner Relaxing

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It’s no secret that I love partner exercises, especially for flexibility. But have you ever used a partner to help you learn how to relax your muscles?

I learned this technique when I was in college, …

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Happy Anniversary!

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I felt the need to very publicly wish Harper a happy anniversary. We have been working together for over a year. Just so you know, Harper, you are still one of my best relationships!

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So, You Do What, Exactly?

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Pretty much everyone who pole dances sooner or later has to explain that pole dancing is. Here are some of my favorite ways to describe what I do. What are yours?

It’s a cross between gymnastics …

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Moving Forward: My Pole Predictions

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Pole will continue to grow and mature as a sport. More people will be interested in pole as it becomes more and more culturally acceptable.
All of this growth will continue to fund competitions, showcases, new …

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