Mental Toughness Training

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Becoming tougher, stronger, and more resilient requires an openness to change.- James E. Loehr

Alethea Austin was the featured guest performer during my first ever pole showcase. As you probably have already guessed, her dance was amazing.


Mid-performance, …

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Elevated Update

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Sorry I dropped off for a week. If you didn’t make it last Saturday to Elevated Art, it went really well. I completely neglected to ask anyone to take any photos or videos, but you …

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Go Me!

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I just want to publicly pat myself on the back today. Elevated Art is coming up soon. I already have a plan for my costume, for once. It will be simple, but I’m not scrambling …

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Morality in Dance

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I recently read this fascinating article by Alain de Botton about how Art Museums fail in terms of practical moral use to people’s lives and decision making. Please check it out Read More