Splits aren’t Enough

By Posted in - Flexibility on January 17th, 2014 2 Comments

There are several of awesome pole moves that can showcase your splits, or however close you are to your splits. Jade, downward splits, upward splits, chopsticks, pole middle splits… this is by no means a …

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How Not to Train Flexibility

By Posted in - Flexibility on November 19th, 2013 10 Comments

I was getting ready for a dance class the other day, and was trying not to wince as I saw a friend practicing her splits before class.

Stretching before exercise is common, and it’s horrible. You …

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Flexibility Without Stretching

By Posted in - Flexibility on September 17th, 2013 0 Comments

I should clarify, before you start reading because you are so excited by the headline of this blog, that I don’t actually think that you can just scrap stretching from your training routine and still …

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