Mental Toughness Training

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Becoming tougher, stronger, and more resilient requires an openness to change.- James E. Loehr

Alethea Austin was the featured guest performer during my first ever pole showcase. As you probably have already guessed, her dance was amazing.


Mid-performance, …

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Mid Year Review

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Ooh, a blog hop! I feel like a real blogger again…

The theme for this month is a mid year review. I’m answering a few questions listed in the prompt.

What do you …

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It’s Not Your Decision

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Submission videos tend to make people nervous, because they don’t think what they are submitting is good enough.


Here’s the thing. You might be right. Your video may not be good enough, might not be what …

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I Was Almost a Pole Dancer….

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I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, something that still shapes my thoughts and attitudes about a lot of different things in my life.

The quickest way to make me judge you is to say something …

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Respect Your Sport

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The mountain doesn’t care that you have a full time job and go to school full time. There’s only one summit – and the fitness demands to reach it are the same regardless of our …

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On Faith

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Hey, remember me? I’m still broken and broke, so I sadly don’t have anything specifically pole related to write about. But I wanted to share some thoughts about spirituality and faith, because that’s what’s been …

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