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With my performance less than two weeks away, I am starting to a panic about a number of things. Specifically, at the moment, I am panicking about what to wear..

The bigger issue here is that …

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I had my first private lesson with Estee Zakar, with the goal of choreographing (or at least starting to choreograph) my performance in August. Up to now, I’ve been listening to the song I chose …

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A Gift

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I’m still very nervous about the idea of performing, which is something of an oddity for me. Generally I don’t mind doing anything in public because, frankly, I like the attention.  This seems different to …

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There is a Tease Studio Showcase in August. I have been waffling for a month over whether I will perform or not.

Performing is scary. I’m new to this sport. I don’t really know what I’m …

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Head Stands

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Lately, it seems like every spare moment I have is on my head. Literally.

I first started learning head stands on the pole a few months ago- they are pretty straightforward. You grab the pole, make …

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Two weeks ago I had the honor and privilege of seeing my first ever pole showcase. The showcase was hosted at Tease Studio, where I train, and it was incredible. I wasn’t performing (yet), but …

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