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This week’s training features a sandbag.

A sandbag is great for strength development

I like training with sandbags because they are heavy, and heavy stuff builds strength.


I also like that …

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Forget Loving Your Body

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I wrote this post originally a while ago, but I feel it is so important I am re-writing and re-posting it now.


It’s safe to say people feel a lot of pressure to perfect their bodies. …

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Recover From an Injury, Part 2

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This is the second part in series of lessons I learned from having a very stubborn toe injury. I hope that it is helpful to other people who are injured. See part 1 Read More

Recover from an injury, Part 1

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Since I’ve mysteriously injured my toe in January, I’ve become quite an expert in toe care. Here are some of my experiences.


Step One: Stop Dancing!

The reason my toe got as bad as it has is …

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Why, Thank Me!

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I have a new habit I’ve been working on for the last three weeks, and I love it and want to share it, because it does so much for me.

It works like this:

1. The way …

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You can’t? Or you don’t?

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I just read an interesting article about success. (alas, I don’t have the link or title. Sorry.)

One thing that it said was that people who don’t do things are much happier than people who can’t …

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